A Change in Season

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Tempiii is a summer lover. Born in the tropics, we designed Tempiii to capture the culture and taste of the east. Crafted to embody tropical vibes and sun-kissed tones, everything about our brand has derived from the inspiration and origins of Bali, Indonesia. 

We are already dreaming about summer picnics, post sea dip bites, and Tempiii fuelled sunsets. Tempiii will surely be a trusted snack to fuel and nourish you on your summer adventures. From surfing to climbing, to sea swims and hikes; our little bites are the perfect companion when on the go. 

Despite this, we still believe Tempiii has a place in your seasonal diet and regime. We wanted to show our Tempiii team that our chilled snacks are truly versatile and still hit the spot, even on a cold winters day. 

We set out around our local area, targeting some of our favourite spots of natural beauty. Our first stop was Cotehele (a personal favourite) where we captured Tempiii amongst the fallen leaves. With the medley of dew, ripened leaves and autumnal colours, it had to be Fajita in all of its golden glory to take the lime light in this gorgeous setting. We worked between downpours (and coffees) to capture Tempiii amongst the Cornish woodland. 

Our journey then took us to Rame Head, where the wind blew strong and the sun and moon were exchanging positions for the night. The stunning backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean made for beautiful scenes of contrast against the products. Having to take shelter in the little weathered hut on the cliff, we captured Tempiii within the rugged edge of Cornwall- exposed and raw. The shots represented everything we envisioned. Tempiii as a companion to the travellers, explorers and adventurists. Beneath the shots- the reality. Freezing cold hands, windswept hair, layers upon layers and beanies.The unforgiving reality of the South West coastal winter. 

Luckily the rain held off and the heavens revealed a  glimpse of sun to work with. We finished the day defrosting in the car with heaters on full blast, tucking into the Tempiii bites to satisfy our hungry bellies.

Special thanks to my friend Ollie for bringing my vision to life! You can find his work here: www.oliveroldfield.co.uk 

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