Orders are shipped weekly and sent out by Thursday (delivery ETA: Friday). We ship things on a weekly basis to ensure minimal wastage and to ensure you get maximum shelf life on your fresh products. Cut off for last orders for each weekly delivery cycle are Monday night (11:59pm). 

We use recyclable cardboard boxes with thermal paper insulation and reusable ice blocks. These provide up to 48hours of chilled conditions. For this reason we ensure products are packaged at last available time before collection and are sent out on a next day delivery service (this is why our delivery fees are a little higher than standard). 

As a small business we operate on a weekly delivery cycle. Orders are made to demand (to prevent wastage) with production carried out between Mondays and Wednesdays and shipping completed Thursdays (unless stated otherwise). Any specific requirements outside of this turnaround please contact Alice at alice@harpershealth.co.uk

To qualify for free delivery spend £35.00.

We use insulating outer packaging and cool blocks to ensure the food is kept safe during transit. This increases size and weight of your order meaning courier charges are higher. Although the boxes can withstand 48 hours of chilled control we like to book onto a 24hour delivery service to ensure there is a time buffer for any potential hold ups with deliveries, which again is slightly more expensive.

Despite this, we have absorbed the outer packaging fees to reduce postage and packaing fees as much as possible for you.

Sending chilled produce via postals is inefficient in resources when only ordering one or two packs. Therefore our minimum order quantity is 6 packs to ensure we keep things efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Due to the chilled food nature of our products it is not yet viable to send internationally. 

We ship with DHL EXPRESS INT. DHL provide us with a ‘NEXT DAY’ delivery service. Don’t forget to check your email notifications from DHL to check your allocated delivery slot. If you have any issues with this please contact us or drop us an email at: alice@harpershealth.co.uk

When you place your order please specify on the delivery form on a safe place or neighbour where your delivery can be left if you are not in. 


Due to our processing methods it is not safe to freeze Tempiii. 

Yes Tempiii bites are already cooked. The idea of Tempiii is to have a convenient and healthy snack that is effortless for your day-to-day life. We supply single serving packs that are ready to eat.

Tempiii is made from marinated and baked tempeh (fermented soybean). Our in-house marinades are made simply with pantry staples (soy sauce, sugar, vinegars, lemon/ lime juices, spices etc). These items are natural preservatives which means Tempiii not only tastes great but the marinades naturally extend the shelf life to approximately 10 days. 

Soya in its non-GMO and natural form is a super healthy legume. It is one of the only plant based proteins that is complete in all 9 essential amino acids and comes packed with fibre and micronutrients. Due to the fermentation process tempeh retains all of the goodness from the whole beans and is a great option for anyone trying to incorporate more wholefoods into their diet. 

We do not have vegan accreditation yet but we will be working towards this asap within 2023. We are 100% plant based (containing no meat or dairy). 

Our marinades contain salts, sugars, oil and spices to make tempeh taste yummy! If we just gave non-flavoured bites of tempeh it probably wouldn’t be so delicious and would be rather bland (like most raw proteins). Our aim by the end of 2023 is to reformulate our marinade and ingredients to the most organic and cleanest possible options so you are getting the best of the best. It’s a continuous process with product development but we are happy with where Tempiii is starting and excited for its future! 

This is a hard one to describe! We think the nearest comparison is a cheese/ bean texture. When first baked the tempeh is crispy and nutty in texture. But as it cools and gets refrigerated it condenses and forms a softer texture. Although it’s not as magical as fresh out of the oven- it still hits the spot when you’re after a savoury snack with a bite! Customers describe Tempiii as substantial, satisfying and filling (and incredibly moreish).


This is one of our biggest challenges with having a chilled food product! Due to the water content and chilled nature our bites have to be housed in a suitable package to retain shelf life and food safety. Once the innovation and technology is available for repackaging our products in a more sustainable packet we will let you know! For more information on our environmental efforts see here: the bigger picture

Yes! Our pouches are fully recyclable. Please see individual local council collection advice on what types of plastics are accepted at curb-side. 

Yes! The outer postal boxes and paper insulation are fully recyclable. The ice packs are also reusable (always handy to have) otherwise you can safely thaw, drain down the sink and recycle the material too. 

Returns, Refunds & discounts

We are continuously offering discount codes and promos each month! Stay tuned on our social media for the latest information on this @harpershealthfood

Due to the chilled nature of our products we are not able to accept returns. We may offer a refund in certain circumstances (see refund policy here).

Typically once an order has been processed we cannot change products or amounts (due to opperating on an order-to-demand cycle). For any queries with orders please contact us.


All allergens are listed on the back of each pack. Additionally we provide all allergen information on each of the product pages. Please note each product contains different ingredients so carefully read through allergens before placing an order. 

We currently use light soy sauce in two of the flavours (sweet soy & fajita). There is WHEAT used in soy sauce so for this reason these two flavours contain GLUTEN. The Tandoori flavour is not made with gluten containing cereals, however due to carry over allergen precautions from our ingredients and possibility of traces of gluten from the other flavours we cannot certify this flavour as ‘gluten free’ currently. We will continue to assess risks of this as we progress to ensure we become more accessible where possible.

We use ingredients that have carry over precautions as well as our own carry over allergens (from processing). For this reason we have ensured to cover all allergen risk via the allergen list following ingredients.


We are looking into catering supplies for 2023 as our bites are super yummy on sharing platters/ grazing boards, salads, wraps and subs! For more information on this please contact us.

Our mission in 2023 is to branch into more retailers to allow for wider customer reach and availablility. Please follow our social media to check for latest stockists of Tempiii. Or see stockists.