Variety Flavour Bundle (multipacks)
Variety Flavour Bundle (multipacks)
Variety Flavour Bundle (multipacks)
Variety Flavour Bundle (multipacks)
Variety Flavour Bundle (multipacks)
Variety Flavour Bundle (multipacks)

Variety Flavour Bundle (multipacks)

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Size x3 packs

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Can't decide which flavour is your jam? Pick one or two of each to mix things up. 

Say hello to the OG Tempeh snack range. No fake meat here. Simply soybeans. Snack smarter. Snack consciously. Eat me on the go, or toss me in your favourite salad, sub or wrap!

  • Ready to eat
  • Non GMO soybeans*
  • High in protein**
  • Plant based
  • High in fibre
  • Nutty Texture
  • Sooo moreish

*Soybeans sourced from Canada

**Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass

Individual pack size 55g. 

For individual flavour pack ingredients, nutritional and allergen see individual product pages: 

Sweet Soy 



Use by date on back of packet.

Keep me in the fridge. Once opened, refrigerate and use within 1 day. Not suitable for freezing. Not suitable for reheating.

The Rhizopus fungus that ferments tempeh grows with white mycelium, which looks like fuzz or fibers. Over time, these fibers bind the soybeans together into a firm, white cake with a solid texture. Don’t be alarmed if you see these white fuzzy fibres when biting into Tempiii- these are completely normal and unique to tempeh! 

Tempiii pieces may vary in texture and bite (due to fermentation process). Sometimes you may get a little harder bean- don’t be alarmed! We’re embracing our imperfections.

Packaging is fully recyclable. How to recycle it: PETE can be picked up through most recycling programs as long as it's been emptied and rinsed of any food. Check with your local collection to see if you can put in home recycling. Otherwise pop it in suitable recycling at local supermarkets.